Outlaw King

Outlaw King matte paintings and concept artwork.


Perth establishing shot. Fantastic plate to start with however presented some challenges. For one we had to remove all modern trees introduced to Scotland in recent times – those included all pines which covered pretty much 80% of the mountains to the left. Right hand side mountain is a new element added to the shot. On top of that Perth was added which included parts of rendered 3d assets as well custom made elements in Photoshop. I also had to create the mud road as well as 3d bridge visible in the foreground. All was projected onto 3d elements and comped in Nuke.

Perth night shot concept – includes rendered assets in Clarisse.

Perth shot daytime – early matte painting with the castle emphasised compared with  the final version.

City of Berwick first matte painting. This sequence took lot of time to complete.  I worked on it together with Norberto Idiart, Dave Costello and Micheal Norback. I was responsible for the background cyclorama that served the whole sequence as well as large portion of background buildings. Those buildings were originally fairly basic 3d assets. Once rendered we textured them and re-projected back onto geometry in Clarisse.

Another piece of Berwick background cyclorama matte painting.

Designs of Berwick bridge, in the final version the decision was made not to feature the bridge in the shot. ( this is 5 seconds gif loop image with 3 designs )

Mock up/concept of the bridge into the plate.

Early concept of London skyline

Douglas Castle matte painting – extension of the existing architecture as well as creation of the village around it. Assets were rendered in Clarisse and comped in Photoshop and Nuke. Created in cooperation with Jordi Gonzalez. Before/after gif presented – plate, matte painting elements and final comp frame.
November 5, 2018

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