Mad Max Fury Road

All the matte shots from Fury Road, that I was involved in, are broken down within the ‘reels’ page. Nearly all the sequences required Nuke 3d set up and camera projections. The usual workflow would start with simple geo created for projections in Maya. This would be then brought to Nuke together with painted texture information and tracked cameras which would be used for projections. Mari was integral tool as very often we had to correct projections artifacts. Some shots shown in the reel required painting over renders, this especially applies to citadel shots. Overall it was a great project to work on!
Final credit belongs to Iloura team. I had a chance to work on the hero citadel shot in cooperation with Vincent Fiere .VFX supervision and art direction – Tom Wood.

3d asset – base of the painting

Final DMP – painted over cg renders

March 12, 2016